Friday, October 9, 2009

Neckwarmers (pattern)

Cabled Neckwarmer

Size: 12" (14") neck, woman's small/medium (woman's medium/large or men's medium)

Finished measurements unstretched: 10" wide x 3-3/4" tall (11-1/2" x 3-3/4")

“Bunny Blend™” custom mill-spun yarn, 190 yds/2oz. sportweight (40% Maine Angora, 60% Soft Merino Sheep Wool)
(approx. 50yds will make a 12", 60yds will make a 14")

Size 8 straight needles
Tapestry needle
[2] 3/4" or 1" buttons

Gauge:29 sts in pattern per 4" (unstretched)5 sts x 6.5 rows in ST per 1"

First and last sts on all wrong side rows are slipped

Using Long Tail CO method, CO 76 (94) sts
Row 1: (WS) SL1, P3, *K4, P6, K4, P4* rep 3 (4) times total, K4, P6, K4, P3, SL1
Row 2: (RS) K4, *P4, K6, P4, K4* rep 4 (5) times total
Row 3: (rep row 1)
Row 4: K4, *P4, C6B, P4, K4* rep 4 (5) times total
Row 5: (rep row 1)
Row 6: (rep row 2)
Row 7: (buttonhole row) SL1, P3, *K4, P6, K4, P4* rep 3 (4) times total, K4, P6, K4, P2, YO2, P1, SL1
Row 8: K1, K1 in double YO dropping 2nd YO, K2tog, *P4, K6, P4, K4* rep 4 (5) times total
Row 9: (rep row 1)
Row 10: (rep row 4)
Row 11: (rep row 1)
Row 12: (rep row 2)
Row 13: (rep row 1)
Row 14: (rep row 2)
Row 15: (rep row 1)
Row 16: (rep row 4)
Row 17: (rep row 1)
Row 18: (rep row 2)
Row 19: (rep row 7)
Row 20: (rep row 8)
Row 21: (rep row 1)
Row 22: (rep row 4)
Row 23: (rep row 1)
Row 24: (rep row 2)
Bo using the "Better Bind Off" method by purl bee
Weave in ends and sew buttons on. Block if needed, but this is meant to stretch to fit snug.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Luke thought it would be a good idea for me to knit some toys for the babies in our congregation. I made two Kate's and one Sheldon, they came out awesome!

And I finished a 36" sq. baby blanket for one of Luke's cousin's wife.

On the needles is the Camden sweater for my SIL, but I'm doing King Charles Brocade instead of bobbles. I've got about 8" of it done and I'm wicked jealous of it (even though I've already got one!). I used Shine Sport for the yarn and it's going to be one soft sweater. And also something for my brother (but I can't say what it is because if I do and he finds out he's going to say "I don't really wear those" and I'll say "too bad").

Most of my other (knitted) projects: