Monday, August 2, 2010

Concur sweater

Luke and I were in JoAnns Friday. I was looking through a knitting magazine and stumbled across one of my patterns, but it was made by Plymouth Yarns, not Heather Aleo. It was my VS Knock-Off I made nearly 2 years ago, minus the short row bust shaping, and it uses size 7 needles instead of 8. But it's pretty much exact. Pattern #1816. I emailed them, waiting to hear back. I know of another designer this happened to. She makes awesome patterns too! And some cheesy company basically copy and pasted her designed but slapped a different name on it for the pattern. They have since removed it from their list of original designs, so I'm hoping if that's the case with my sweater they'll remove it too.

I finished my Concur sweater!

The buttons pop open. I used too small of buttons, but seriously...a single YO button hole made with a worsted weight yarn on size 8 needles is not going to allow a 1" button through! Maybe 7/8" or 3/4"...but JoAnns doesn't have much for button selection and these were the closest matching ones. At least it's only a cardigan.

I'm still working on my Lillian Tank Top, and I got this awesome half complete sweater from my grandmother. It was intended for one of my brothers when he was 10 or so. He's 27 now. She said I could use the yarn for another project but I had a better idea. Finish it! And I'm almost done with it too! I'm hoping to make a real pattern out of it and submit it somewhere so I can't show it yet, but Luke said, "It's disgustingly cute!" =) She lost the original pattern for it, but I think it was supposed to be a crew neck, long sleeved...mine is going to be different.