Saturday, February 2, 2013

High Seas

Ok, I have to share this even if it's already double linked in my List post. This is the High Seas shawl pattern by Kieran Foley. He's got some pretty awesome designs! (Camino Waves anyone? Yeah, I've got a water thing...)

For Amanda =) I'll get model shots soon.

( way too much pain, had to stay home from the Assembly. Too bad they didn't have a tie-in line.)

Friday, January 11, 2013


Last year I put together a list (and bin) of all the projects I had. I was thinking there were maybe 10-20. It piled up to 69! That's not including any jobs I had either, just my stuff. 24 of those have been completed in 2012. This year I plan on finishing the list off. Or trying to at least. So here is that list. As I go through I'll be striking off or linking what's done. What doesn't have notes next to it needs to be made. And if I come across other projects they will be added.

Asian print wrap dress - mod to wrap skirt
Green floral print skirt - mod to...haven't decided
Shape FX dress - alter
Tahari dress - alter/mod
Orange dress - mod to t-shirt
Luke's combat vest
Black Asian print shirt
Red Asian print shirt
Brown wool skirt
Domino swimsuit
Red swimsuit
Bridgette thong - mod from basque remnants
Winter quilt - topstitch
Rainbow quilt - topstitch
Bambi's (Oma) embroidered pillow
H&M dress - alter
Summer halter dress - mod to shoulder straps
Luke's Fabulous reversible bathrobe
Monogrammed handkerchiefs
Vigoss jeans - alter
Illusion skirt
Blue floral dress
Gray/Orange floral dress
Cat print top
Shark print top
Plaid button-down

Corsica sweater - frog/reknit
Turtleneck tunic - reknit to Helix cable vest
FK textured tunic - reknit to Telemark Legwarmers
Matching hat for legwarmers
70 yard mitts
Burnished tunic - frog/reknit
Green Gable hoodie - frog/reknit
Luke's Leo sweater - reknit to cabled cardigan
Amanda's High Seas Shawl (also on Ravelry)
Pointelle socks
Jaywalker socks
Kitten mittens
Textured cowl
Turquoise neckwarmer
Turquoise hat
Yellow hat
Gray vest - frog to...haven't decided
Featherweight cardigan
Gnarled Oak cardigan
Diagonal pattern baby blanket for Nevi

Dress form