Friday, January 11, 2013


Last year I put together a list (and bin) of all the projects I had. I was thinking there were maybe 10-20. It piled up to 69! That's not including any jobs I had either, just my stuff. 24 of those have been completed in 2012. This year I plan on finishing the list off. Or trying to at least. So here is that list. As I go through I'll be striking off or linking what's done. What doesn't have notes next to it needs to be made. And if I come across other projects they will be added.

Asian print wrap dress - mod to wrap skirt
Green floral print skirt - mod to...haven't decided
Shape FX dress - alter
Tahari dress - alter/mod
Orange dress - mod to t-shirt
Luke's combat vest
Black Asian print shirt
Red Asian print shirt
Brown wool skirt
Domino swimsuit
Red swimsuit
Bridgette thong - mod from basque remnants
Winter quilt - topstitch
Rainbow quilt - topstitch
Bambi's (Oma) embroidered pillow
H&M dress - alter
Summer halter dress - mod to shoulder straps
Luke's Fabulous reversible bathrobe
Monogrammed handkerchiefs
Vigoss jeans - alter
Illusion skirt
Blue floral dress
Gray/Orange floral dress
Cat print top
Shark print top
Plaid button-down

Corsica sweater - frog/reknit
Turtleneck tunic - reknit to Helix cable vest
FK textured tunic - reknit to Telemark Legwarmers
Matching hat for legwarmers
70 yard mitts
Burnished tunic - frog/reknit
Green Gable hoodie - frog/reknit
Luke's Leo sweater - reknit to cabled cardigan
Amanda's High Seas Shawl (also on Ravelry)
Pointelle socks
Jaywalker socks
Kitten mittens
Textured cowl
Turquoise neckwarmer
Turquoise hat
Yellow hat
Gray vest - frog to...haven't decided
Featherweight cardigan
Gnarled Oak cardigan
Diagonal pattern baby blanket for Nevi

Dress form