Monday, July 25, 2011


Yesterday Luke and I went down to my grandmothers and then went to visit Hamilton. It was so nice seeing him! He was real surprised to see me. He hasn't had a visitor since about a year ago and that was his soon-to-be ex-wife who is loose, unsupportive and working with the cops (She's lied about things right to my grandmothers face! Then gives her a hug. What nerve! She disgusts me.) They told him he had visitors but he didn't know I would be one of them. So I'm hoping that helped lift his spirits a bit. I felt so much better after seeing his face. He was behind glass so I didn't get to give him a hug, but I prefer it that way because otherwise I would have burst into tears. Despite him being so pale since he hasn't been outside in over a year, he looked really good! He put on a little bit of weight, that's probably because his soon-ex of ill repute never cooked unless she felt like it, lol. But he looked very healthy. He hasn't smoked cigarettes in over a year, his skin was all cleared up and he didn't look over tired. I'm always worried about him in there because it's not like you can go up and get food or drink whenever you want, and he has kidney problems. I was scared when he first went in that his kidneys would fail from dehydration, but I'm sure him drinking far less coffee now is better for him.

I made a post on FB last night about getting to visit my brother. One of my cousins responded and says right out in the open "is he still in jail?" Really? Thanks! I did not need other people to see that. So I turned the conversation around and said "I wish more family supported him and were on his side". I don't need people getting the wrong idea about my family. Luke's dad already does and I hate him for it. When mentioning Jason he always says, "oh the disfellowshipped one". >=( I could strangle him for saying that! He has a name, he's not a status!!! And he would be back in the religion if it weren't for arrogant people like that!

We had a nice visit anyways. My grandmother always spoils me whenever I visit =) There was food and cheesecake and other little desserts, then she took us out for pizza. I got a huge bag full of clothes too from some other relatives (now I just need to find room for them! haha). Before we got to her house I attempted to take Luke to Ocean Beach Park in New London. Unsuccessful! Lol, we get there and the parking is $18. If we were there the whole day and had a carful of people it'd be worth it, but not for two people and an hour. So we drove around the neighborhood and a nice lady said we could park in front of her house. We did that, then walked to the front gates only to find out it's $5 per person to get in if you're just walking in. Luke only had $4 on him and I wouldn't have paid that price anyways if I had the cash on me. When I was little it was $1, and if you were a New London resident you got in for free! So we left there, then I saw signs for Niantic and Rocky Neck, another beach that we camped at as a family when I was younger. But it was getting close to 2:00 so we just headed to my grandmothers instead. I should have just directed him towards Misquamicut. $5 parking and walk in for free! But it was a little out of the way.

Btw to any of you who have ever checked out ... I strongly advise you to not even waste your time! I just responded to a conversation on there. Two women were bashing me, being extremely disrespectful and rude and insulting me beyond belief! I'm trying to explain to them it takes an experienced seamstress to make a bra properly, not some sweatshop in Sri Lanka! Boy was that a mistake. Basically they told me I have no experience and I'm a crappy seamstress! And without any proof! I can tell you from what I've done for other people I'm an excellent seamstress, my work is continually getting praised. This is from people who know what I'm capable of. And I can't even believe Brittany (the girl who makes the thin and curvy blog) would allow such rude and hateful comments on her site! She even makes a statement above where you comment that such comments are not acceptable. So how were they able to post? I sent her an email and said I no longer wish to recieve help because of the sour attitudes from her other readers, and I think she's more associated with them, so I just want nothing to do with any of it anymore. It's nice when I have hormonal women bubbling forth with so much hate towards someone they don't even know telling me I'm lacking experience and knowledge when it comes to sewing. And I can't stand the fact that I constantly have to explain to people that I know how to sew, I've made corsets and bra before. I sometimes make my own patterns if I have the time and materials. I make clothes and do mostly A LOT of alterations for other people. You don't just give your clothes to some Joe Schmoe down the street who owns a needle and thread! God, I really hate people so much! Why don't I just walk into ever home based business and tell everyone there off saying they have no experience and don't know what they're doing simply because they are not a big company?!? That is exactly what these women are acting like and it's just simply pathetic!!!

Oh well...lesson learned = don't complain to some fat lard with a hormone problem who wants to get their own way that you have skills.