Monday, August 1, 2011


Luke and I spent the weekend in NH with his dad and step-mom. It was nice, we went swimming and kayaking while pretty much everyone we know back here at home went to a Luau Saturday night. Why is it whenever we make a huge invite hardly anyone responds or if they do they don't want to go or do whatever it is we're planning, yet other people make something and 50 people are there? Is it us? Do we smell or look funny? I'm getting really sick of people in MA (not so much in our hall, they're, except for a few people I think don't like us and I don't know why). I want to move where no one knows us. And move every year, or every other.

At the least, if you have a problem with us...grow a pair and admit it instead of just being vague!! >=/

I've been commissioned to make 5 skirts for a friend, so I'll be working on that all this week, along with a repair and the knitted baby items. I'm going to start saving all my money for a vacation...since we've never actually taken one by ourselves. We had our honeymoon...for like 2 days on the Cape but it was kind of lame. We're thinking Bermuda, but that would require around $3,000 if we went by plane. I just remember when we were saving for a newer car it took us 3 years to save that much for the downpayment! That's a long time compared to a lot of people around here. It took a lot of months of eating nothing but super cheap hotdogs for dinner and popcorn for a snack. Along with no phone, haha! I think our only entertainment was $10/month Netflix, and that was a luxury for us. So if anyone knows of a cheaper way to get to Bermuda and stay for 5-7 days (and not a cruise...I'm not a fan of the Noro Virus) let me know.