Monday, September 13, 2010

GreenGable Hoodie - Part 1

I'm way late in knitting this sweater, but I'm still going to. Despite the fact that Vogue is utterly gay and they took down the pattern to this sweater! Maybe because whoever wrote the Vogue version completely botched it up. I've read so many posts about it and just about every person that has made it has had a problem because of all the errors in the pattern. The designer who made it apparently had a better version, but that is also no longer available to d/l. So I'm making my own version, and it's going to be FREE! But in a 34/36" bust size, with a little waist shaping. And I don't care if I get any flack from the original designer or Vogue. Because that's just too bad they only had the pattern up for a limited time. If you're going to have something on Ravelry and other websites, at least have the decency to link a pattern to it, free or not!!

I'm using Cascade Eco+ Wool, color #7072. I haven't gotten my gauge down yet because I'm still charting the cable and figuring out the stitch count. Maybe in a few days.....

(I hate you Vogue!)

I think someone on Ravelry may be sending me the pattern! If that's the case then there will be no need for my own pattern, and that would be super awesome because I'm not that good at making one =( I will still write my own mods for it though. Slightly different construction for the hood, less squared off. So far I haven't seen anyone do quite that with theirs yet.

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