Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cozy Alpaca V-neck!

The arms look extremely long but because of the RK they shrink up a lot. They're long enough to cover the first inch of my hand (and I have short arms).

=D Finally! It took me 3 months to finish, slow for me, but I had so much going on. It's the Cozy V-neck from Fitted Knits, a few modifications. It was exactly how I wanted it to look. I still have 2 more sweaters in the process. A tanktop from Knitty and the other is a Victoria's Secret knockoff I'm writing the pattern for and hopefully I'll have enough time to submit it to Knitty or a magazine for a Winter issue...hopefully! But probably not =/ Isn't the deadline for those sometime in mid September?

Also a baby sweater. That's going pretty well, the body is complete up to the underarms and I just cast on for the first sleeve this morning. It's going slow considering the size because I have no idea what the measurements are for a 6 month size, and most of the patterns I've come across are incomplete when it comes to the schematics (stupid designers!), but I've got it pretty much figured out. I've been watching Hell's Kitchen while working on that. (I want to put a knife through the screen and stab Elise over and over, then burn her remains! ...Yes I'm a few episodes behind.)

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