Thursday, February 16, 2012

From Basque to Longline

I've been going through my undies drawer trying to weed out the ill-fitting stuff. I still have this really cool basque I bought on eBay a few years ago by Fantasie of England. I never wear it because 1.) it's a basque and when am I going to ever prance around in that with some thigh-highs and heels with garter straps that smoosh down on my derriere? (yeah, that's unattractive) And 2.) my torso is unfortunately too tall so where the sheer lace should be at the hips is more at the bottom part of where my waist tapers out. About an inch off and it makes it uncomfortably awkward. The cups on it fit great despite it being a balcony style with a traditional seamed- 3 sectioned cup. I could actually wear it with t-shirts. And even though it's sized as a 30, it fits more like a 28. 24" unstretched, 28" stretched. Normally I can't wear this brand because they don't make 28's and I find their 30's to fit loose.
So my task over the next couple of days is to turn it into a long-line, like the Freya Edina (should be getting that in on Monday!!) and the Panache Cleo Sadie. It's not a true long-line. The bottom will end just where my waist nips in.
It looks nicer in person.


babymates. said...

Wow! Good luck, have you been working on any other knitting or sewing projects lately?

Darth Tardius said...

Haha! This is still sitting in my project bin =( I just couldn't get around to working on it. Hopefully I will soon. I've been busy with just all little things, and my motivation has gone down the crapper. Somewhat picking up, I just finished a hat for Luke and I'm working on a pair of socks.