Friday, May 4, 2012

Fantasie Bridgette Basque #6880

It's done! It's finally done!

What you'll need:

Tape measure
Seam ripper
Needle (light hand sewing to finishing)
Matching thread (or somewhat matching, I had no light pink for the inside.)
1/3-1/2" wide Elastic, trimmed to desired length (mine was 17", used over 22.5", minus the back closure, for a 24.5" waist)


Decide how short/narrow you want yours to be, and be as accurate as possible. Don't just guess.
Rip stitches out (as called for below)

-Before =/ The pic above this one really doesn't look too bad. But I find garters to be a joke, so it was useless to me.

- Determine how short you want the torso to be. I cut mine just above the 2nd to the last hook/eye, then 1" above the hem on the hips, then a 1/2" below the zig-zag stitching for the front boning. It's not completely straight across, the edges should curve into one another. (Click photo for more illustrations)

- Remove zig-zag stitching. If you want, stitch close to hooks (you can see mine just above them). Trim away excees material from closure. You want there to be about 1/8" of space between the last eyes and the edge. On the hook side this is going to be just a hairline more since hooks are narrower than eyes. Don't trim the back band fabric. This will be placed back inside of the closure when you're done, and some of it is needed for the hem and elastic.

- *See "New seam allowance" in second photo up above* To taper the waist in more, undo the stitching that's holding the last seam together (the back band and side wing seam). Stop until you're 2" from the top. Trim away excess material from the side wings only. Do not trim the back band. Reattach them, then reattach the seam binding on the inside.

- Baste and press the hem in place (about a 1/2" wide). Boning channels will be on top of the hem. Restitch these down (as noted by the brown thread on mine). Also reinsert the boning, then zig-zag stitch the channel closed just after the bottom of the boning. Trim away excess channel fabric close to the edge.

- Using the Mend stitch, stich the elastic in place (wrong side facing, this is just to show the outside), pinning it in place on either end and in the center. Stretch elastic evenly as you go along. Reattach the back band with elastic into the closure. Zig-zag the side edge closed, then go over the bottom of the closure by hand to finish the edge.

- After! =D  Check out that rounded profile! (I didn't have the straps pulled snug enough in the other photo so it gave a slightly more conical shape. This is the correct shape.)

- I lacked the sufficient colors, but it's not like anyone will be staring at the inside...

And I don't know why some of these photos are upside down. Stupid Blogger.

Well, hope you had fun reading this. I recommend to only attempt this mod on your non-favorite basque. Unless you know you can do a decent job. It's not fun to mess up a bra.

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